Bei Gerda

Enjoy popular classics

Do you already know our newest restaurant “Bei Gerda”? Gerda was the good soul of the house for many years. We adopted her popular classics and created a small, delicious menu following her recipes. “Gerdas Krüstchen” and “Strammer Max” as well as “Boltes Pfanne” invite you to feast.

We are looking forward to your visit!

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The Location

The rustic ambience offers the perfect setting for a boozy evening. The special design of the bar lets the room appear in its nice flair. Don’t you already see yourself sitting on our bar stools having a beer with your friends? Along with our specials, nothing stands in the way of a fun evening with your friends. For more privacy, we offer you our “Upkammer”, a separate room where you can celebrate with up to 16 people. Feel free to send us your request in the contact form.

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